After you have completed your treatment and received your retainer, our orthodontist will provide you with some instructions on how to wear and care for your new appliance. We encourage you to follow these instructions closely so that you can continue to enjoy a properly aligned and beautiful smile. If you have any questions about retainers in Brighton, Michigan, or to set up an appointment with Dr. Leon Siomka, please contact Siomka Orthodontics at 810-227-6995 and speak with a member of our team.

Retainer instructions:

  • Wear your retainer at all times unless our orthodontist and team instruct otherwise.
  • Take your retainer out when eating and store it in its case. Most retainers are lost in school lunchrooms or restaurants after being improperly stored.
  • Clean your retainer with a toothbrush and toothpaste once a day. Use warm but not hot water. You may use an orthodontic appliance cleaner in place of toothpaste, but do not forget to brush the retainer.
  • Keep your retainer in its case when not wearing it. Pets love to chew on retainers!
  • Your mouth may need to adjust to the retainer. Practice speaking, reading or singing out loud to speed up this adjustment process.
  • Your retainer is easily breakable, so treat it with care. Contact us immediately if your retainer is lost or broken so that it can be replaced.
  • Do not try to adjust your retainer yourself. Call us and make an appointment for our orthodontist to adjust your appliance.
  • Always bring your retainer to orthodontic appointments.
  • Remove your retainer when swimming.
  • Keep your retainer away from hot water, hot car dashboards, pockets, the washing machine and napkins.


When properly cared for, retainers can last for years, so please make sure to take care of yours! Give us a call if you have any questions or to make an appointment.